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Prompt: Questions?

From The Practice of Creative Writing by Heather Sellers: Write a poem that is a list of questions. make sure each is surprising, fresh and unexpected. (Is this asking too much?) Try to include images in as many of the questions as you can. Try to steer toward questions that are in front of us every day, but that few notice or take the time to articulate. If you’re around small kids, put some of their questions in there. (I once said something to my oldest daughter, who replied, “I can’t know that yet.” And I was, like, great answer!).

Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Prompt: Praise Song

From Thirteen Ways of Looking for a Poem by Wendy Bishop: You might try a praise song of a natural environment that praises a single element, like Gerard Manley Hopkins does when he praises spotted and dappled and freckled things. You might praise elements of flying things or aquatic things. You might praise the foods (and in doing so the culture) of your youth to explore what you felt then and what you know now.

Elizabeth Kerlikowske