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Prompt: Describe…

From Fiction Writers’ Workshop by Josip Novakovich Describe somebody’s character by the shape, posture and gait of his body. OR describe someone’s character by how they do something. Don’t tell the reader your somebody is sad; show it. (I wrote one using the Biblical phrase “By his shower, ye shall know him.” I’m sure that’s in the Bible.)

Elizabeth Kerlikowske

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Well, this wasn’t supposed to happen.
Where do things go,
the sock missing from the dryer,
the dog’s squeaky toy,
the missing set of keys,
that original copy of a birth certificate
you need to renew your passport?

Is there really a mystery place
where lost things gather?
Is that what purgatory is?
Where is heaven?
Where did love go?
Once it is lost
will we ever see it again?

David Jibson
Ann Arbor, Michigan