Online Etiquette Policy

Poetry Society of Michigan’s Online Etiquette Policy

The Poetry Society of Michigan (PSM) promotes the concept of netiquette, a code of good behavior on the internet. PSM subscribes to the following nine netiquette rules, most taken from the website:

  1. Keep your email message or post relevant to the Poetry Society of Michigan.
  2. Avoid posting inflammatory or offensive comments online (a.k.a flaming).
  3. Respect others’ privacy by not sharing personal information, photos, or videos that another person may not want published online.
  4. Never spam others by sending large amounts of unsolicited email.
  5. Don’t troll people in web forums or website comments by repeatedly nagging or annoying them.
  6. Don’t swear or use offensive or overtly sexually graphic language.
  7. Avoid replying to negative comments with more negative comments. Consider breaking the cycle with a positive post.
  8. Thank others who help you online.
  9. If anyone posts offensive remarks or harasses another PSM member online, they will be warned of their behavior. If the problem persists beyond the first warning, the president has the power, with the approval of the PSM Board, to withdraw the harasser’s membership (without refund) and prevent the person from participating in any of PSM’s activities.

In summary, good netiquette benefits everyone on the Internet.