Prompt: Syllabic Verse

Syllabic verse: count syllables. It can help shape the poem. I had a poem yesterday that was doing nothing, so I thought maybe syllabics would help. I counted the first line: 12 syllables. I counted the second: also twelve. The first four lines were all twelve. This was educational. It’s a better poem now. Like rhyme, syllabics force you to reconsider your word choices. Try it with a floundering poem, not that you have any of those.

Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Prompt from “The Minds Eye” by Kevin Clark

From The Mind’s Eye by Kevin Clark:

Think of a common everyday activity that you might do: feed the cat, scratch your head, make the bed, etc. Choose one activity. Let your imagination go wild. How can you make this activity into something weird, wild, or bizarre (or beautiful)? Write a poem that does that. Since you want to emphasize the physical as well as the strange, concentrate on good verbs. Limit the poem to fifteen lines.

Elizabeth Kerlikowske