Call For Submissions

For the next Poetry Society of Michigan Newsletter (June), I plan on a special issue—a selection of poems written by Michiganders—especially PSM members—during the time of the Governor’s sheltering-in order (roughly between March 24 to May 15 [?]). I am NOT interested in COVID-19 poems or poems of lamentation during Dark Times (isolation, depression, anxiety . . .). INSTEAD, I’m looking for poems that express the pleasures and joys and humor of living in Michigan during these times—It’s SPRING, for goodness’ sake! PhilSterlingSmThat is, poems of good nature and positivity and gratitude and . . . well, anything that hasn’t been showing up on the news feeds the past couple of months. I will make the selection of poems based upon those SUBMITTED TO ME by the end of May. Please send only one or two of your best new poems either as an attachment to my email address (above, or listed on the newsletter) or by regular post to Phillip Sterling, 3033 Court Dr. SE, Lowell, MI 49331. In either case, please be sure to provide me with your name and contact info. For the newsletter, I will select what I believe are most representative poems of what it means to be living where we are at this point in time.  

Please share this Call for Submissions as you deem appropriate (websites, Facebook, affiliated local groups). I look forward to hearing from you.

Deadline: May 30.

Phillip Sterling,
Editor, PSM Newsletter