2018 Manningham Trust Student Poetry Contest

Student Poetry Contest

National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Inc.

2018 Manningham Trust Student Poetry Contest

Each year the National Federation of State Poetry Societies conducts a youth poetry contest known as the Manningham Trust Student Poetry Contest.  The NFSPS requires interested participants to submit poems to the appropriate state-level society for initial judging.  In Michigan, the Poetry Society of Michigan will serve as preliminary judge for all state entrants.  The competition Guidelines are attached.

Ten prizes will be awarded in each National division: First Place – $75, Second Place – $50, Third Place – $40, Fourth Place – $35, Fifth Place – $30, and five Honorable Mentions – $10 each. In addition, winning poems will be published in the Manningham Trust Poetry Student Award Anthology. Winners will receive complimentary copies. The schools of each winning student will receive a complimentary copy for the school library. Notice of winners will be announced no later than May 20, 2018. Awards (certificates, checks, anthologies) will also be mailed to the state chairperson. Each state is responsible for distributing prizes to winners and winning schools.  The top winning poems will be read to NFSPS members at the Convention held in June 2018.

All poems must be received by the Poetry Society of Michigan no later than February 1, 2018.  Consult attached “Guidelines” for proper submission format; poems not submitted correctly will not be considered.

Mail poems (use US Postal Service ONLY) to:
Mr. Mono D’Angelo
PSM/Manningham Chairman
8470 Stout
Grosse Ile, MI 48138

For any further info, contact Mr. D’Angelo at:  mono60@comcast.net

Guidelines for Manningham Trust Student Poetry Contest 2018  

  1. There are two divisions: Grade 6-8 (Junior Division) and Grades 9-12 (Senior Division). Each state may submit ten (10) top poems in each division. Poems may have been printed and/or have won previous awards. Contests at state level may have occurred anytime in 2017 or 2018.
  2. The competition is open to all USA students in grades 6 – 12. Public, private, and home schools are eligible for entry by individual NFSPS member states.
  3. Submit two copies of each poem. Put the division (junior or senior) in the upper left corner of both copies. One copy must have student’s ID in upper right corner. The ID information is student name, school name and address, student grade level, and teacher’s (language arts/English) name. NEW: Please include an email address (yours or your teacher’s) in order to receive status updates on your submission. The second copy must not have ID information. Do not send a copy with any other marking – there should be no indication of prior award granted by the state.
  4. Each poem must be neatly typed or computer-generated, and have no more than 35 lines with no line having more than 60 characters, including spaces and punctuation. If a poem continues more than one page, staple the pages together. Do not staple the two copies of the poem together. It is suggested that each state representative keep a copy of poems entered.
  5. There should be no large or unusual fonts or illustrations. Times New Roman is the suggested font. No font larger than 12 point should be used.  Winning poems are scanned for the award anthology and large and/or unusual fonts impede the process.
  6. Each entrant must make a declaration of originality. The statement should appear on the bottom of the ID copy only. The form below is acceptable:

I certify that this poem is my original work, and has not been copied in whole or part from any author’s poems in print or posted on the Internet.  

Signed: __________________________________________Date:___________ 



All submissions must meet the guidelines listed above.  That includes formatting requirements.  Even if your poem is declared a winner, it cannot be sent to the national level contest if it is not formatted properly.  Double-check your entries before mailing them to the Poetry Society of Michigan.